Born in Brussels, Belgium, I’m a bilingual Christian writer with a Comparative World Literature background who wrote my first poem at seven years of age. I’ve authored the historical fiction novel The Well-Loved Demon on the French King Louis XV, the novella Nicola’s Leg, about our Russian grandfather and family’s relocation to Jerusalem, and the short story collection Twisted Reflections.

My latest historical fiction novel Jayida, set in sixth century Arabia, is the fruit of years of research and the project that first made me want to write historical fiction. I’m currently at work on more hist-fic of various lengths, ranging from Romance to Horror that may blend modern settings and/or fairy tale influences.

As a follower of Jesus and influenced by my German, Russian, and Christian Palestinian heritage, the Bible is central to my life, with a great appreciation for Jakob Lorber and Emmanuel Swedenborg. I’m also dedicated to bringing attention to oft-neglected Christian Middle Eastern communities, whether through writing, art, or otherwise.

In the spirit of childhood Brussels memories, and shocked by the horrendous architectural (and other) changes occurring in the nation, I also appreciate such historical online hubs as La Belgique d’autrefois and La Belgique des Quatre Vents. All the better if it inspires one, two, and hopefully more stories, too 🙂

*Portrait image courtesy of Tara Nicole.