The Well-Loved Demon

The elusive 18th century French monarch, Louis XV, offers a Gothic-sentimental glimpse into his life and mind.

Journey into the turbulent life of the introverted and second longest-ruling French king, after his great-grandfather and predecessor Louis XIV. From his return to Versailles as a twelve-year-old in 1722, to marriage at fifteen, fatherhood, and mounting psychological and amorous strife amidst rising political and religious pressures, Louis XV reveals his own conflicted artistic-literary perspective.

A note on inspiration:
With 2022 marking 300 years since Louis XV’s coronation on October 25th, 1722, I was inspired to create an account told from his point of view, using elements of two literary genres made famous in his lifetime. This felt necessary as much from my own creative impulse as for him being easily overshadowed by his usually self-serving mistresses. As is so often the case with my research and Christian historical fiction writing, it entailed a rollercoaster of emotions that I hope is as ultimately rewarding for the reader as it was for me.

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*Cover art by Welder Wings for ©Natacha Pavlov. Based on the original painting portrait of Louis XV by Maurice Quentin de la Tour, 1748.

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