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Belgian born and raised, I wrote my first poem in French (about rabbits) at 7 years of age. (I wish I still had it so I could read it—and laugh!—but I don't.) Throughout the years I've kept writing poems and keeping diaries, which are always interesting to look back on... =D


I'm a Comparative World Literature graduate and speak 2.5 languages (English, French and pretty good Spanish ;) ). Part of my fascination for different cultures is fueled by my own diverse German, Russian, and Christian Palestinian heritage. I love the blends that point to our complex... simplicity. At the very least, it can serve as a bridge to connect to the world.


As a lover of travel, I strive to bring about these experiences whenever possible. In addition to the Bay Area and Brussels, Belgium, I've lived in Paris, France (studied abroad) and spent extended time in Jerusalem, driven by my desire to observe and participate in the traditions of my Christian Palestinian roots during Easter celebrations.

Given my passion for historical things (Saturn, is that you?! ;) ), it makes sense that my main focus would be historical fiction novel writing. Perhaps one of the (many!) beauties of writing is that styles end up blending, so it may at times border on creative nonfiction with doses of spirituality, magical realism and myth / folk tale elements.

As an ardent believer in Jesus, themes of faith and spirituality will often figure in my work, albeit perhaps in ways unexpected even to me. Thanks for my father's eclectic spiritual reading, the two prime Christian influences in my life have come to be Jacob Lorber and Emmanuel Swedenborg, whose 'works' continue to leave me in awe. I've also been quite amazed by Carl Jung's work on dreams and symbolism.

All in all, I'm committed to bringing light upon little-known and/or nearly forgotten eras in history through my work... but that may not be entirely my choice either, and I'm perfectly OK with that.  ;)


My first short story collection Twisted Reflections entails some personal and family experiences, while Nicola's

Leg tells the story of our Russian grandfather. I'm currently at work on my first historical fiction novel set in pre-Islamic Arabia, and my second short story collection. 


In October 2014, I've also had the honor of joining in support of Jamaica Stevens' "ReInhabiting the Village"—Executive Produced by Keyframe-Entertainment—as Copy Editor. This substantial multimedia project boasts a compendium of knowledge whose main book component launched in July 2015. For latest developments, check out the Facebook page.


A heartfelt thank you goes out to Khatchadour Khatchadourian for my lovely author portrait. He also makes great meditative, spiritual music! Check out his albums and read a previous interview.


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